Angel Investing & Consulting

Success is a Collaboration

If you need initial funding between $5,000 and $250,000 to help supercharge your business, we may be able to help (and we can also help you secure future rounds of funding when the time is right).

Who We Work With

When evaluating partners to invest in, we look for business owners who:

  • Exhibit strong organizational leadership
  • Have a solid management team
  • Present a good investment opportunity with the potential for a high return
  • Are looking for a collaborative partner who can offer both capital and consultation

Benefit From Our Deep Network and Rich Experience

When you partner with us, you’re not just benefiting from an injection of business capital; you’re also benefiting from our extensive network of professionals (general counsel, advisors, and board members) who can lend their expertise when necessary.

Consider it a direct line into expert knowledge that can propel your business forward.

And we’re available 24/7/365 to give advice or discuss new ideas.

Manage Your Risk

For most business owners, before they achieve massive success, there is a period of financial uncertainty. Many are all too familiar with the stress and pressure that comes with maxing out lines of credit and struggling to make payroll.

And we know the pressure isn’t always a bad thing…

In fact, sometimes it’s the motivating factor that can push an entrepreneur to the next level.


Operating in a sustained pressure bubble is not good for anyone. Sliding deeper and deeper into debt causes the kind of stress that can lead to negative headspace and an inability to make good decisions.

Which, of course, is the last thing an entrepreneur needs to be successful.

When we partner together, we help you ease the stress and step out of the pressure bubble.

You’ll have just enough pressure to remain focused on meeting our agreed-upon objectives, but it will be balanced by access to the resources – money, knowledge, and connections, that fully support your success.

Also known as our mutual success.

So, let’s succeed together.

If you’re ready to see if we’d make a good team, schedule a call to get started.

Let’s discuss an opportunity.

Together we can build something great, advance your vision, and ensure our mutual success. Schedule some time to chat today.

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