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I have done business with Sean since 2014 when he had newly entered into the world of collectible assets and business. Our first transaction came shortly after including a baseball signed....

Jeff Katofsky
Hotelier, Producer, Owner Orem Owlz

I have worked with Sean for over four years on various business matters. Sean has been a tremendous asset to both my law firm and myself. He provided us with several ideas that helped generate...

Robert S. Reder
Managing Partner of Blythe Grace

Angel Investing and Consulting

Success is a Collaboration

With an angel investment, both entrepreneurs and investors are taking a calculated risk from which they hope to see great rewards.

But their motivations are different.

Entrepreneurs want capital for their business without giving up too much of their company.

Investors want enough of a stake in a company to make their investment worthwhile.

While their motivations are different, both are committing time, effort, and money to achieve a shared goal: the profitable operation of a company.

And their success relies heavily on the synergy of their combined skills and experience.

Strong collaborative efforts can lead to great things.

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Buy or Sell High-Value Assets

Get a Fair Deal With Full Transparency

With experience buying and selling over $10,000,000 in collectibles and tangible assets, you can trust our expertise to get you the best price, whether you’re making a purchase or parting with a valuable piece.

If you’re a collector on the hunt for that next must-have piece, we can help. Uncovering rare finds and brokering fair deals is our specialty.

We’ve set new price records, participated in some of the most exciting finds in the last decade, and advised celebrities, athletes, and investors on their collectible asset portfolios. Our acquisition and liquidation services are designed to deliver the best experience.

Whether you need help locating a treasure or liquidating one, we can help.

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Honesty. Integrity. Transparency.

You should feel good about the decisions you make.

That’s why we operate with an education-first approach to every transaction.

Whether you’re looking for an angel investor because you need $30,000 to expand your business, or you’re looking for help getting the best price for your vintage baseball cards, you can count on us to deliver accurate assessments backed by thoughtful reasoning.

You can trust that you’ll always have the tools you need to make smart, comfortable decisions.

Because we know a successful transaction is one that results in both parties being happy with the arrangement and having a clear understanding of the terms and goals.

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Charitable Giving

At the Heart of it All

At Bassik Consulting, we are committed to supporting organizations that help improve the lives of others in our community and nationwide.

We know the investments we make in others benefits everyone. And there is no greater return than seeing lives changed for the better.

You can learn more about the organizations we support on our Charitable Giving page.

Our Charitable Giving

“Be a consistent innovator, trend setter, and constantly make new connections.”

Sean Bassik


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